Dr Clem Bonney has completed several roles during his career. On finishing school, he finalised an electrical apprenticeship as a heavy industrial electrician in the sugar refining industry. 

He then fulfilled a primary degree in health, Bachelor of Health and a MBBS at the University of Queensland.  Following being awarded a Fellowship with the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, Dr Bonney completed a Graduate Certificate in Occupational Rehabilitation, University of New South Wales and then a Masters of Workplace Health and Safety at the University of Newcastle. 

Dr Clem Bonney was granted Fellowship of the Faculty of Occupational and Environmental as part of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians.

Dr Bonney has extensive experience in assisting with:

  • Diabetic management, including medication and diet management, engagement with allied health to assist with developing understand and treatment options.
  • Obesity, assisting with lifestyle and psychological interventions to assist with the changes required to maintain a healthy weight and activity range.
  • Management of hypertension and other cardiovascular disease, with linkages to highly respected cardiologist
  • Lung disease, such as asthma, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, specialising disease that originates foe employments.
  • Chronic kidney disease, supporting other specialist treating practitioners in management and diagnosis of kidney disease, via medication and life style changes

This variety of roles Dr Bonney has been involved in has exposed him to many chronic health conditions that many people experience.

Of interest to Dr Clem Bonney, as both a GP and Occupational Physician is in assisting people with chronic health conditions to maintain an engagement in the work, understanding the health benefits of work are a significant contributor to a person’s sense of wellbeing, sense of community and the positive physical effects of being active in the workforce. 

Dr Bonney, works the individuals and employers in adapting roles in the workplace to fit the person, and assists individuals reach their potential.